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BioTech understands the dynamics between the agricultural, environmental, regulatory, economic, and political issues involved in successfully managing residuals and biosolids programs.


BEULAH, Michigan – June 14, 2024—BioTech Agronomics proudly announces the acquisition of Michigan AgriBusiness Solutions, based in Saginaw, Michigan. This move reinforces BioTech Agronomics’ commitment to advancing biosolids management services statewide.


Michigan AgriBusiness Solutions adds a seasoned team of 25 professionals to BioTech Agronomics, bolstering its talent pool and dedication to 100% environmental compliance.


Kevin Bonney, President/CEO, expressed excitement, stating, “This acquisition highlights our industry leadership. We welcome the professionals from Michigan AgriBusiness Solutions, who are enhancing our operations and customer service.”


By integrating personnel and equipment, BioTech Agronomics aims to meet customer demands better. Headquarters remain in Beulah, Michigan, with Saginaw operating as satellite offices and optimizing efficiencies.


This acquisition marks a milestone for BioTech Agronomics, reinforcing its biosolids management leadership in Michigan.



Our approach is to work in partnership with private individuals, industrial clients, and communities to create tailored solutions.

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About Us

BioTech Agronomics, Inc. is a fully licensed and insured company that services over 100 entities across Michigan, while also pursuing opportunities throughout the Midwest region. We are a steadily growing company, that continues to look forward to new and exciting challenges.

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Agronomic Management

BioTech’s agronomists work closely with farmers, clients, and regulators to apply biosolids to farmland in the amount necessary to meet the plant’s nutrient needs according to recommended practices.


BioTech Agronomics Inc. has been the premiere biosolid management business in the surrounding area for centuries. We love to educate on the benefits of biosolid management. If you are curious about how a sustained management plan can help you in various ways, Click Below.

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